Terri Lloyd

As Above, So Below is an original, quirky, and entertaining reinterpretation of the Zodiac. Mudras (gestures) replace constellations in a cosmic sleight of hand, while the positive and negative traits of each sign are portrayed in two-panel ersatz fairy tales. 

Celestial wheels bookend the series of 24 cathedral-window-shaped images. Within the wheels themselves are 12 mudras or hand gestures with corresponding constellations set against twilight skies. Each sign was extensively researched both astrologically and mythologically in order to create the hand gestures. 

The positive and negative aspects of each sign are encapsulated into two-word statements. I spend a lot of time with the defining terms. It’s important that I get to know the etymology and current meaning of the words I marry. This understanding gives me a basis upon which to draw. Sometimes, the characteristics of a particular sign lend themselves to an obvious pre-existing tale. Such as Taurus, which is loosely based on the children’s story of Ferdinand, and Sagittarius which is influenced by Peter Pan.” 

Scenes are set against backdrops of what could be described as a sort of Zen Surrealism. Compositions host a subtle yet lyrical meticulousness. Key elements in this series are also recognizable throughout much of Terri’s work; a simple vertical three panel layout, sky at top, horizon line and ground. Action, much like thought occurs on both upper and lower planes. 

Above each two panel scene is the corresponding celestial gesture or mudra. The color of each mudra was determined by creating color assignments for each of the quadruplicities, a set of four signs that are either cardinal, mutable or fixed, with their corresponding element of fire, air, water or earth. 

Inherent to my work is a subtle wit and humor which often belie darker, yet delightfully disturbing absurdities. 

The original concept for hanging this particular series was more of a church or santuary type of setting, with the two celestial wheels presenting front (As Above) and back (So Below), positive aspects on the right, negative aspects to the left (sinister). 


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