Melissa Mohammadi

Exhibiting with Lisa Kairos in Room 216

Our work is inspired by California flora and landscape. Place-based reflection and meticulous studies of natural forms and spaces are at the heart of our approaches to drawing and painting. We share a subject but work at different resolutions--Lisa paints expansive layered panoramas, while Melissa dives in to explore and document the life-forms that inhabit the landscape.

Melissa draws meditative studies of botanical and marine lifeforms. The repeated progressive acts of labor in the structure of coral, mollusk shells, and ferns remind her of the tiny, endless, repeated pulse of mothering and renewal. She creates places to float with, to surrender to - healing reservoirs, deep sea gardens. Somewhere between seductive color washes, linework, and an impenetrable surface is an invitation to be suspended in a new space.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.