Dany Paragouteva

Exhibiting with Belen Islas and Barbara Mendes in Room 331

We are group of three female artists -- Belen Islas, Barbara Mendes and Dany Paragouteva. Belen is originally from Mexico, Dany was born in Bulgaria and Barbara is from New York. Even while our backgrounds are diverse our work shares our care for the multiple roles of women in life. And we depict this from the point of view of women living in it. Our work is complementary. While Barbara Mendes brings a spiritual and monumental approach to women life, Belen Islas work focuses on the emotional aspect of being a woman, and the female desire to be a better mother and human being. Dany, on the other hand, pays attention to the little details that make life exciting. She concentrates her attention on a fairytale, imaginative world. Together, our work is full of creativity, eclecticism, and soulfulness.


For more information about Dany Paragouteva, please visit her website.