Phillip Hua

I create photomontages that interweave images of nature celebrated against a backdrop of stock indexes from financial newspapers. The juxtaposition of nature and commerce places these values vying for attention in the same space. 

After digitally manipulating composited photos, I create prints that I handwork on rice paper. These prints are then scanned in, reconfigured, then printed with UV cured acrylic ink on Acrylite and backed with a wooden panel gilded in gold metal leaf. 

My materials suggest a subtext of desire and falsehood. The surface mimics the clarity and sheen of water, though the material is synthetic. As gold symbolizes wealth and opulence, nature becomes reflected as a commodity. But the gold metal is merely a perception of gold, representing a false sense of abundance. All that glitters is not gold. What we assume to be an endless supply is, in fact, an illusion. I want viewers to be lured by the beauty of nature and ensnared by the conscience of conservation.


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