Tang Wei Hsu


 The theme of Tang Wei’s proposal “Walk On Its Own” intends to provide viewers a chance to his works in a casual and yet easy-to-access way. While walking inside the hotel room, people simultaneously experience a lighthearted art journey inside the place. With Hsu’s vivid painting style, those aesthetic experiences from everyday life are further enhanced poetically amongst people’s own imagination.

Hsu is a Taiwanese artist who currently lives and works in New York. His two-dimensional paintings are well renowned and loved for their delicate depiction of his imaginative world and creation of mixing unknown species and machinery construction. He further transforms those into site-specific large-scale metallic sculptural installations. Hsu often uses black-and-white linearity and car paint for the stainless steel sculptural body with partial mirror reflective process, which generates a sense of future that is his signature style.


For more information about the artist, please visit his website.