Russel Kiehn

My task as an artist is to find other ways of seeing. The image that interests me is one that is often overlooked. The one that is in plain sight, finding the image can be unexpected and exhilarating. Like the grass that has cracked the pavement. I try to capture beauty in what others may consider trash and not worthy. Another place of interest has been the dialogue between the subject and the medium. Between what is shot and the technical process that will produce the final result.

Elliot Porter said” A true work of Art is the creation of love. Love for the subject first and for the medium second.” My current work is using an in camera multiple exposure technique. I shoot a base exposure then add another on top of that from something that is at the same location if possible. I will use things like a peace of broken colored glass, a water stained wall, rusted iron, stones, anything that feels right. It is a little like climbing without a rope, a little scary, but when it works, it’s wonderful. “NOSTALGIA” is a photo of a summer evening. I was standing on a bridge watching the day come to an end with the boats gliding in to the distance for my first exposure. The second exposure was of a portion of a decaying wall that could not be designed better for my purposes.

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