Sarah Ratchye

As the celestial realm opens further, nation states, with the baroque excess of capital, intellect, and drive necessary to move past earth’s atmosphere, will continue to influence human and cosmic evolution. These drawings are my visual research into two realities smashed together by space exploration. The harsh realm of outer space, the blasted dead moonscape and cometscapes, are mixed with images from the earth. The drawings explore how humans might evolve physically and intellectually in order to exist and thrive in outer space. The memories of earth that those initial ‘interterrestrial beings’ harbor in their bodies and brains will endow them with a dual identity, of earth and space, telluric and cosmic.

To become a celestial body a human being must evolve. The mind and body must be able to adapt to a vast, whelming, and universal sense of space, little gravity, extreme existence conditions, and exceptionalism. I draw inspiration from reshaped and truncated imagery pushed into a collage of shifting borders and meanings. Space is pulled deep into the surface. The subject staggers, bewildered and without direction, inside multiple points of view, softened boundaries, and morphing and submerging volumes and patterns. Each drawing in my series, Moon Mad, is a contemporary poem about uncertainty and aspiration toward heaven in an earth-bound visual text.


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