Cassandra Pawk

My artwork is energetic and experimental. My favorite time to work in the studio is when I feel emotionally charged in one way or another. I love to use color, create texture and abuse my materials. With my artwork I’m not afraid to show exactly how I feel, which is not always pretty. I started out painting and drawing because it was therapeutic; a way for me to escape reality, and it still is. But now, I think that the intense emotion in my artwork is something other people can relate to, and it has potential to be therapeutic for them too.

Making art is the only part of my life where I can be completely impulsive and irrational in my decisions, with no consequences. I don’t have to hold back my emotions, and my mood dictates what I make. It doesn’t matter if I mess something up, I can always fix it. Sometimes the marks I make are soft and delicate, and sometimes they’re violent. It depends on my mood or vision. The way human bodies move, specifically mine, is also present in almost all of my work. The process is freeform -- I don’t have an exact plan and I enjoy not knowing where the piece will end up. Using pastels, acrylic paint, fabric and rice paper, I create work that is intense, visceral, and can sometimes have a gross presence.


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