Wayne Chang

Wayne Chang is a contemporary American artist based in Los Angeles, California and has been focusing on the urban landscape and its impact on the human condition. His latest body of work started after moving to Los Angeles in 2007 as he fell into in a love-hate relationship with the city and its surroundings. He focuses on the city’s stark contrasts and constant tension between opposing forces - wealth and poverty, purity and corruption. He creates a narrative that contrasts the city’s mystique and aesthetics with its social ills and economic disparity. He juxtaposes familiar images of everyday life in an unnatural way to play with expectations.

Born and raised in New York City, Wayne began at an early age, painting everything he observed in the city. As a completely self taught painter, Wayne studied a wide range of artists, finding inspiration from classical renaissance masters to today’s comic illustrators.


For more information about Wayne Chang, please visit his website.