Alexander Charriol

The human bond inspires me. Our need to interact, to touch, to smell, to dialogue and to become itimate, fuels our evolution, our instinct for survival. The inevitability of death speaks beyond all languages, cultures, politics, religions, morals and values and unites us towards an ultimate goal: life.

In my new series, Human Flow, I focused on the mystery behind the human touch; each painting tells the story of an overpowering energy that feeds our desire to connect to each other. This series explores the feeling of loneliness by embracing the power of human connection through physical touch. What I have learned in the past is, as hard as you try to be an independent thinker and not conform by any rules, you are still never alone. The power of connecting to a group or crowd of people that have the same beliefs as you do, gives birth a sense of purpose.


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