5 Unforgettable Performances at stARTup Art Fair

If you’ve been to any of our fairs then you already know that stARTup curates provocative public installations and performances all weekend. You may have seen a unicorn in a pool, heard words of wisdom from the bellies of pregnant maidens, had your Tarot cards read aloud to experimental music…

When it comes time to select performances for future fairs, we inevitably find ourselves reminiscing about fairs past and those stand out performances we still love to talk about.

Here are just a five stARTup performances that blew our minds…

Star Date 2018, Northern California, United States of America, Earth

The Factronauts

2018 stARTup Art Fair SF_DS6A2654_Mido Lee_preview.jpeg

The Factronauts, Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari , are intrepid explorers sent by their parent agency, Nor-cal Artists Seeking America, into the unknown and unfamiliar world of the contemporary United States.

Their mission? To collect, analyze and interpret the facts they encounter, while maintaining their good humor and belief in the effectiveness of their process. The nation they no longer recognize as a familiar and safe landscape has become other-worldly, a surreal and at times hostile place that is fractured by social, economic and political divisions.

If you missed their touchdown at stARTup SF 2018, you can find more of their missions on Vimeo.

61 Pounds

Guta Galli

2018 stARTup Art Fair_DS6A1367_Mido Lee.jpg

For stARTup LA 2018, Guta Galli explores the political fictions projected on female’s bodies, and how they affect the experience of womanhood.

61 Pounds takes its name from the 61 pound mass of red yarn Guta carries on her shoulders for uncomfortable lengths of time. The vibrant mound of fibers is burdened with the memories, hair, blood, and sweat of 30 different performances and 31 different women - including herself.

2018 stARTup Art Fair_DS6A1331_Mido Lee.jpg

Find more details of the project and other related performances on Guta’s website.

To Be Held

Daniel T. Gaitor Lomack


“Through thick and thin like wire and nappy hair” Daniel T. Gaitor Lomack stands here.

“To be held is to be thrown away.” Balancing atop a chair, two stories above The Kinney’s main courtyard at stARTup LA 2018, Daniel turned conversation into ceremony, a poignant mixture of spoken word and social discourse allowing audiences to engage in the metaphysical, and witness the cultural legacies and present identities of oneself.


Relive Daniel’s powerful performance on Instagram.

Be sure to check out his upcoming Public Performance in downtown LA: Below The Skyscrapers on Sunday, December 2nd. At 4th & Hill St. at 3:18 PM, Daniel promises another jaw-dropping metaphysical experience.

are we there yet? ‘cause i’m a woman.

Jenifer Yeuroukis


At stARTup SF 2017, Jenifer Yeuroukis’ 8 hour performance “are we there yet? ‘cause i’m a woman.” explored female-identified bodies as objects that work and are expected to work. Bodies who are expected to be everything, all of the time, to everyone.


A former choreographer, Jenifer’s works explore the relationship between the body as a controlled constructed object and the body as a natural organism. She calls the conversation between these two states of natural and constructed “bitter and sweet; struggling, succeeding, and often failing.”

For more performances, visit her Vimeo.

Baby Barbarella

Kristina Lazar

2016 stARTup Art Fair_MG_4096_Mido Lee.jpg

Baby Barbarella is “a warrior workout queen who saves the universe through DADA poetry and song.” This self-described unicorn, shamaness, and diva graced us with her neon whimsy at both stARTup SF 2015 and SF 2016.

Kristina Lazar and her alto ego, Baby Barbarella, navigate the poles of the art world, breaking down elitist conceptions of imagery and transforming the popular art of the populace with projects like a Baby Barbarella Buns of Steel Workout Video.

Yes, you read that right.

And yes, you should totally watch it.


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If you’re an artist, don’t forget to apply to exhibit at stARTup LA 2019 to share your work and unique perspective with the crowd. Deadline is November 11th.

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