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Creation of the installation has been underwritten by Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser and advocate for an open, accessible internet. 

Brian Singer: Privacy Policy


Too often, we trade privacy for convenience without fully understanding how our data is being used or sold. At least, I do, all the time. Wrapping the entire courtyard bannister of the Del Sol Hotel, this 300 foot long installation is intended to spark conversation and debate about the true cost of free products, and what we give up when we click the “I agree” button without reading the privacy policy. The letterforms are made out of used tech company t-shirts, spelling out a cautionary message. The intent is not to demonize a specific company, rather, to illustrate the normalization of a system where every move we make is being tracked, and our data is sold to the highest bidder. 


IG: someguy.is


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Anastasia Schipani: Nature Recollected

In this time of fast fashion adding to our environmental devastation, I am handsewing tapestries that are inspired by couture and the paradise of nature that dazzles me when I witness it in its splendor.

As a child growing up in San Francisco, I was raised to be obsessed with fashion, my mother guided me through Union Square to fawn over the wonders of Gucci and Hermes rather than to appreciate the majestic natural environments that surround the city.

This collection of tapestries is made predominantly from reclaimed denim, fish net and vintage textiles. They are narrative landscapes that explore the garden of eden we inherited alongside the battle that exists to recognize and honor it.



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Karen Hochman Brown: Portrait Project, 2019

Friday, April 26, 7-8pm. Room 206

Karen Hochman Brown turns the visages of her subjects into unique digitally synthesized artworks. Using the model of a music synthesizer, the software Hochman Brown employs is able to read visual information from a photograph in the same way a music synthesizer interprets a series of notes. The artist creates custom virtual-paintbrushes, changing settings of endless parameters that react to the visual reference. The resulting portraits are lively and colorful. 

In addition to taking live commissions all weekend, Hochman Brown is creating a portrait performance event where she challenges herself to create as Many portraits as she can in an hour’s time. To accomplish this feat, she is inviting the public to submit a selfie in advance of the event and be part of this project. This will all take place in her Room 206 on Friday, April 26 from 7-8, just as the fair kicks off!

You can find a link to submit a selfie at http://www.hochmanbrown.com/portrait-project-submission

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2019 StARTup LA_DS6A0600_Mido Lee.jpg

Guta Galli: O1 Extraordinary Ability Artist, 2019

Saturday, April 27, 3-6pm. Courtyard

How does immigration politics affect non-American artists?

This piece is part of a triad of performances about the encounter between immigration policies and the art world. For this performance, Galli will be inside a small, confined shipping container for 3 hours. In this enclosure, she will engage with the audience through a small hole while security cameras inside the crate will live stream. An artificial intelligence device will interfere with the images whenever someone approaches or physically interacts with the performer, playing with the paradoxes and ambiguities that shape the relationship between artist/audience.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.

Art Conversations

Sponsored by Mozilla



2:00pm: US Immigration Options for Artists from Abroad

Moderator: Sharon Brenner, US Immigration Attorney, Surowitz Immigration, PC

Every year artists from around the world come to the US to pursue their dreams. However, as even some of the biggest international artists know, the legal realities of working in the US are sometimes not so clear. This workshop will review the US immigration processes for artists.  Employers of artists and US-based art-industry professionals are also welcome. We will discuss the procedures, timelines, expenses, red flags and strategies, as well as hear from some local artists about their experiences of having gone through the process. The artists on the panel will be, Cléa Massiani, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Yagmur Uyanik.

3:30pm: Legal Issues Confronting Artists

Attorney Kimberly Almazan of Withersworldwide in San Francisco, along with artist Jan Wurm and curator and director Christine Duval, will discuss legal issues that artists face on a routine basis.  They will provide information on negotiating agreements and resolving disputes with galleries, recent legal developments related to “street art,” and protecting artwork from damage and loss.   

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2:00pm: A Conversation About Art and Sustainability

Moderated by Terri Cohn and featuring artist Mark Eanes and Recology alumni artists Jamil Hellu and Hannah Quinn.

Sustainability is a hot topic in contemporary life, but generally refers to our care for the environment, our desire for balanced economic development, or social well-being. Artists make important contributions to sustainability, but also must maintain their own art practice.  Artist participants will discuss their thoughts about the symbiosis between sustainability, intention, and personal meaning in their art.

3:30pm: Terms and Conditions: Internet Privacy for Artists and Everyone

Presented by Mozilla with artist Brian Singer. Defending people’s rights to safety, choice, control and transparency have been baked into our mission since the start, and we know actions speak louder than words. We have an opportunity to capitalize on this cultural moment to show how Firefox is different than big tech.